Dr Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Dr. Jimmy Spire Ssentongo is an Associate Professor of Ethics and Identity Studies at Uganda Martyrs University and teaches Ethics and Research Methods at Makerere University. He holds a Ph.D. in Humanistic Studies, two master's degrees, a B.A. in Philosophy, and a Diploma in Philosophy and Religious Studies. He has been a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge and a Research Fellow on the African Humanities Program. Dr. Ssentongo is the founding Chair of the Center for African Studies at Uganda Martyrs University and heads research at UMU. He edits the “Mtafiti Mwafrika” monograph series and the UMU Book Series, and is a columnist and cartoonist for The Observer newspaper. As a social media activist, he exposes corruption and governance issues, creating initiatives like Online Exhibitions that have exposed grand Corruption at highest levels of Government.


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